News stories

Local Stories and Opinion

Planning expert: Raleigh not suited for light rail, John Pucher , WRAL news

Taking a train to nowhere, April 17, 2013, Durham Herald

Bell Sounds out GOP Leaders on Transit,  Mar 11, 2013, Durham Herald

Letter in Tarheel from student

Local Leaders Clash on Transit  Chapelboro Transit Forum

Runaway train    Mark Zimmerman

We Need a Plan, not a Transit Tax  Bonnie Hauser, Orange County Voice

Vote no: Plan Does Not Meet County’s Needs  Commissioner Earl McKee

Transit, Development Grow Hand in Hand  Chapel Hill News story

Tarheel Editorial opinion
Letter replying to Tarheel Editorial

Tax is just one piece of transit puzzle  Chapel Hill News  October 28

Buses are Better  Julie McClintock

National Stories

Overview ot the Bus Rapid Transit Versus Light Rail Debate

Bus vs Light Rail: Which is Your Ticket to Ride?


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