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My issue is how is it justifiable to ask tax payers in other parts of the country to pay $78 million a mile for light rail that is not going to have a population base to support it for many many decades when our federal deficit is so high. We have to pay for these wars and not kick the can down the road.

It’s hard to have confidence in a plan that reduced local bus hours
(provided by TTA, not CHT) from 58,000 to 37,000 in less than 8 months,
that got population and ridership forecasts so wrong, that refuses to
share a stingy %25 of dollars with CHT, that ignores bike/ped or other
alternative modalities while channeling so much into the rail option.

I agree that single occupancy is the worst possible solution. The problem
is that LRT (light rail transit) – even if there’s phenomenal growth along the line itself –
does nothing to reduce commuting overload out to RTP or bring a
significant portion of the 50% of the folks who live outside of Chapel
Hill/Carrboro but work here in.


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